we need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles and work. or waffles, friends, work - it doesn't matter. but work is third.  ★

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tres excite because on thursday i am going to CANNES with my friend sophie which is amaze because

  • its cannes dude that place is shit full of rich kids and soph’s family have a house there which is super duper
  • it’s /sophie/ like i am going on holiday with sophie i mean when i moved in and had all the depression and anxiety i was like man sophie is cool but she is 2 kool 4 meh and now we are going on a freakin holiday together like man social fluidity at uni rocks \m/

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*sprints for 40 miles*

*squat thrusts through a brick wall*

*throws that ass in a circle causing a disturbance in the earths rotation*

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That’s  the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.

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Lupita Nyong’o steps out looking fashionable in New York City - 4/28/14

Lupita Nyong’o steps out looking fashionable in New York City - 4/28/14

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asking for straight pride is like asking for able bodied parking spaces

thats a really good comparison because there are about seventy able bodied parking spaces to one disabled and able bodied people still insist on using the ones that arent theirs

this is seriously a great post 

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If you ever see me not reblogging harry styles don’t worry i’m still thinking about him

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I do find it funny that lesbians are perceived as man-hating but gay men are not perceived as woman-hating, and in fact are often illogically shielded from accusations of misogyny simply by being gay

weird it’s like male privilege works even when queerness is involved who knew

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